Indiana Amish Country Restaurants...

Indiana amish country restaurants
Indiana Amish Country Restaurants
Indiana Amish
Country R
Looking for
estaurants in
ndiana's Amish

We have compiled a list
of I
ndiana restaurants that
serve good,
home-cooking in the heart
of Indiana's
country.  M
ost restaurants
serve hearty breakfasts,
lunches and dinners, as
well as scrumptious
Amish Country
We have compiled a
comprehensive list of
estaurants found within
ndiana's Amish country.
These restaurants serve
home cooking...some
family-style and some
buffet-style, as well!
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Many of the restaurants found in Indiana's Amish country offer meals
in buffets, menu entree items and family-style, which means to have
your food brought on platters and in bowls.  This way, the diners may
take the helpings desired and pass the food down to the next person!
Amish Acres Restaurant Barn
Enjoy a “thresher’s dinner” of Amish country’s family-
style dining inside a quaint barn!
1600 West Market St, Nappanee, Indiana
(800) 800-4942

Auction Restaurant
We had to include this restaurant as the neat little
Amish country offerings are delicious and can be
enjoyed while taking a lunch break from the flea

Blue Gate Restaurant and Bakery
Enjoy this restaurant’s Amish/Mennonite-style cooking
served off of the menu or enjoyed in family-style
105 E. Middlebury St, Shipshewana,  Indiana
(260) 768-4725

Borkholder Village Restaurant
Daily specials are prepared Amish-style and served in
a friendly atmosphere.
Located just west of Nappanee – ½ mile north of US 6
on Tomahawk Trail / CR 101, Nappanee, Indiana

Country Corral Restaurant
You’ll enjoy simple cooking like mom used to make
with sandwiches, homemade soups, salads, pies, and
more.  Breakfast and lunch only.
260-C North Village Dr, Shipshewana, Indiana

Das Dutchman Essenhaus
Known as a pleasant surprise in Indiana’s Amish
country, this restaurant serves family-style home-
cooked meals.
240 US 20, Middlebury, Indiana
574-825-9471/ 800-455-9471

Tiffany’s Restaurant
Affordable home-cooking in Amish country served with
warm hospitality. This restaurant also offers specials,
pies and a buffet.
East Lake St, Topeka, Indiana

Part of the fun of exploring Amish country while in Indiana is not only stopping at shops and
sites, but to seek out the various restaurants.  While enjoying a break from seeing the
countryside, take time to taste some great home cooking!  This type of food is "stick to your
ribs" quality, with great taste reminding one of what grandma used to make!

Amish Country Restaurants: