Lehman's Hardware

Lehman's Hardware
Lehman's Hardware is a must-see in Kidron, Ohio.

While visiting Ohio Amish country, one must pay a visit to the old-style
hardware store called Lehman's.   Located in downtown Kidron, Lehman's
hardware was founded in 1955 to serve the local Amish community.  
Lehman's Hardware is one of the largest purveyors today of brand new, old
fashioned items, such as non-electric appliances, hand tools, toys,
kitchenware, oil lamps, and more.  Their items are so unique, that
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Old-Fashioned Stores
So where can you buy
old-fashioned items?  By
visiting Amish country you will
be surprised what you can
Lehman's Hardware is
just one of many stores for
unique shopping you'll find
during your visit. Each Amish
town seems to have its own
unique surprise!
Hollywood has found them for movie set
props!  Visiting Lehman's is like taking a trip
into the past, when the simple life was the
way of life.

If you just can't make a trip to Amish country,
but still want to visit
Lehman's Hardware, you
can do so on-line.  They ship products to
over 200 countries!
If you can pay a visit to
Lehman's Hardware
located in the heart of
Amish country, to the
left is a map of their
location in Kidron, Ohio.

Also, you can take our
on-line virtual tour of the
small Amish town here:
Kidron, Ohio.
lehman's hardware
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