Ohio Amish Auctions...

Ohio Amish Auctions
Amish Auctions
Amish Auctions
in Ohio

The following is
information regarding
Amish auctions found
within Ohio's Amish
.  Auctions are
a regular part of the
Amish work-week and
ery interesting and fun to
Amish Auctions
If you make it to an Amish
auction, you will feel like you
stepped back into the 1800's,
as you see the Amish
descend upon the action.  
Buggies and wagons pulled
by farm animals just adds to
the quaintness of the event!  
Take the whole family and
enjoy the experience.
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The Amish auctions have become a
great way for Amish families to
socialize with their neighbors, family
and friends from other communities.  
Many of the Amish have a big
breakfast at nearby restaurants
before the selling begins.  This is
most exemplified in
Mt. Hope, Ohio
where the Wednesday farmer's
livestock auction takes place.  Get
The following is a list of Ohio Amish Country auctions and times:
Monday & Friday:  
Sugarcreek Amish Auction      330-852-2832
Farmerstown Amish Auction   330-897-6081
Mt. Hope                                        330-674-6188
Kidron Amish Auction               330-857-2641
Amish Auctions
there early and eat at Mrs. Yoder's Restaurant with the Amish,
before the Amish auction action starts!
Ohio amish auction
Enjoy this short video of an Amish auction in Kidron, Ohio!