Ohio Amish Country Farms
Ohio Amish
Country Farms
Amish Country Farms you can tour in Ohio

The beautiful outdoors in Ohio Amish country is part of the allure that
causes many to visit, as well as the interesting farming community.  If
you would like to get a little closer to nature and the outdoors while
visiting Amish country in Ohio, we suggest touring an Amish country
farm as a great experience for both children and adults.  If you would
like to visit a working Amish farm or at least get closer to the animals,
then we suggest visiting one of the following Ohio Amish country

Schrock's Amish Farm, Berlin, Ohio
A great place to see various farm animals, take a buggy ride, or even
a wagon ride through a field.  Located within a popular shopping area.

The Farm at Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, Ohio
This Walnut Creek working farm allows visitors to see all sorts of
animals up close.  The farm is actually a huge fenced area where
animals from around the world roam free and can be observed by
visitors while riding throughout.

Rolling Ridge Ranch, near Berlin and Walnut Creek, Ohio
The ranch allows visitors to hand feed exotic animals while riding in a
wagon throughout the farm’s area.

Yoder’s Amish Home and Farm, Trail, Ohio
Tour an authentic Amish home and understand the Amish lifestyle and
tradition.  The farm has animals for petting, along with a picnic site
and buggy rides.
Ohio's Amish Country
Farm Tours
Youngsters love working
farms found within Amish
country!  Many schools around
Amish country will take field
trips to Amish country farms
and spend a day learning
about animals and farm life in
Ohio Amish country.
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ohio amish country farms
Enjoy these Ohio Amish country farm videos of the Rolling Ridge Ranch.  
You can view people feeding the animals that are running to the wagon!