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ohio amish country restaurants
Ohio Amish Country Restaurants
Ohio Amish
Country R
Looking for
estaurants in
Ohio's Amish

We have compiled a list
of Ohio r
estaurants that
serve good,
home-cooking in the heart
of Ohio
Amish country.  
ost restaurants serve
hearty breakfasts, lunches
and dinners, as well as
scrumptious desserts!
Amish Country
We have compiled a
comprehensive list of
estaurants found within
Ohio's Amish country.
restaurants serve home
cooking...some family-style
and some buffet-style, as
 You'll enjoy their food!
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Many of the restaurants found in Ohio Amish country offer meals in
buffets, menu entree items and family-style, which means to have your
food brought on platters and in bowls.  This way, the diners may take
the helpings desired and pass the food down to the next person!

Some of the restaurants are owned by one company in Ohio's Amish
country.  Dutchman Hospitality Group owns Der Dutchman, as well as
Amish Door Restaurant
This Amish-style restaurant has a great salad bar and
is known for their broasted chicken dinners and other
home-style meals at the gateway of Amish country
1210 Winesburg St, Wilmot, Ohio
330-359-5464 /888-264-7436

Beachy’s Country Chalet
Enjoy a Swiss twist on home-style cooking, as well as
other fare on their Amish country menu.
115 Andreas Dr, Sugarcreek, Ohio

Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant
This restaurant in Amish country boasts home
cooking since 1938, and is a local favorite. Amish
cooks do a great job creating home-style cooking with
daily specials.  
4819 E Main St, Berlin, Ohio
330-893-4000 /330-893-4222

Chalet in the Valley Restaurant
Enjoy your dinner in a Swiss Chalet with various
specialties, such as Schnitzel, bratwurst, steak and
fondues that compliment the fine menu of home-
cooked Amish country meals.
5060 SR 557, Millersburg, Ohio

Der Dutchman Restaurant
Delicious Amish kitchen cooking restaurant found
within the heart of Amish country Ohio.  This
restaurant is known for a great salad bar and buffet,
as well as menu selections such as fried chicken and
4967 Walnut St, Walnut Creek, Ohio

Dutch Valley Restaurant
Another favorite Amish-style kitchen cooking
restaurant found in Ohio’s Amish country.  Choose
delicious meals from the menu, or select the buffet, or
dine family style.
1343 Old Route 39, Sugarcreek, Ohio

Farmstead Restaurant
Amish country cooking restaurant found in the heart
of Berlin offers a buffet, and salad bar.
4757 TR 366, Berlin, Ohio

Grandma's Alpine Homestead Restaurant
Amish country restaurant offering a fabulous buffet
and home cooked entrees.
1504 US 62, Wilmot, Ohio

Grandma's Homestead Restaurant
All menu items at this restaurant are cooked from
scratch and will please almost everyone. Food
offerings include slow-roasted and pan-fried chicken,
as well as roast beef. Sandwiches are big and
4450 SR 577, Charm, Ohio

Inn at Honey Run
This restaurant in Amish country is known as offering
upscale dining, featuring unique dishes made from
locally grown produce and quality meats.  
6920 County Rd 203, Millersburg, Ohio

Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n Restaurant
Considered to be an authentic Amish family
restaurant, the Miller family has prepared these
dishes the same way for decades.   Expect Amish
country food like grandma might of made!
108 E Main St, Baltic, Ohio

Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen
Delicious home cooked meals and desserts.  This is
the restaurant many of the Amish visit, especially on
auction day mornings and afternoon, where a great
breakfast can be enjoyed.
8101 SR 241, Mt. Hope, Ohio

Troyer’s Country Dining
Restaurant known for fine Amish country dining with a
full menu, buffets, steaks, seafood and pasta.
5324 County Rd 201, Millersburg, Ohio

Winesburg Family Restaurant
Quaint, good, home-style cooking right in the center
of town!
2096 Main St, Winesburg, Ohio
Dutch Valley Restaurants in Holmes County (and other locations), and various gift shops,
bakeries and hotels.  Though not the same company, the food at Amish Door Restaurant is very
similar in style and menu to the Dutchman Hospitality restaurants.  All of these restaurants are
some of the most popular found within Ohio Amish country, and are a sure bet for a great meal,
and a tremendous selection of pies and desserts.

Ohio Amish Country Restaurants: