ohio amish country sundays - what to do
Ohio Amish Country SUndays - what to do...
Ohio Amish
Country Sundays
Sundays in Ohio Amish Country

Sundays in Ohio’s Amish country can be
challenging, as many shops and restaurants
are closed in observance of “the Lord’s
Day.”  This makes Sunday a great day to
travel to and from Amish country.  Yet, it is
good to know that many inns, hotels and bed
and breakfasts remain open on Sundays, as
well as other businesses should one know
where to look.  So let us tell you what
businesses are open on Sunday in Ohio
Amish country.  If you plan a Sunday drive
through Ohio Amish country, you will notice
an immediate drop in road traffic.  This
makes for a peaceful day to enjoy the
beautiful countryside.  To compliment your
drive in the country, we recommend the
following restaurants located in the heart of
Amish country which remain open on
Sundays as of this writing:

Troyer’s Country Dining, Berlin, Ohio
This restaurant serves up a huge country
breakfast, salad bar, and dinner buffet
starting at 11:00 am and continuing
throughout the day.  

The Farmstead Restaurant, Berlin, Ohio
This restaurant creates a large dinner, salad
and dessert buffet, with family-style food
offerings for Sundays.
Ohio's Amish Country
in Sunday
Be sure and plan ahead what
you would like to do if not
planning a day of travel.  
Soaking in the scenery can be
a grand way to spend a
Sunday, especially as visitor
traffic is lessened.
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Chalet in the Valley Restaurant, Berlin, Ohio
On Sunday, this restaurant offers a beautiful
dinner buffet and limited menu for their diners.

Java Jo Coffee House, Berlin, Ohio
Along with coffee among other drinks, Java Jo’s
serves up sandwiches, soups and salads.  

Other Sunday Restaurant Ideas:
The nearby cities of Dover and New
found within Tuscarawas County
(just east of Amish country) offer all sorts of
restaurants to choose from, before and after your
trip into
Holmes County.  Just south of the heart of
Amish country is the village of
Millersburg, Ohio
which has more restaurants to choose from, as

Sunday Amish Country Sight-Seeing
The best thing to do on Sundays in Amish country
is simply to take it easy and enjoy the scenery.

below:  You can watch a video of two ladies who
decided to enjoy the picturesque countryside by
biking the backroads through the Amish farmland.
Sunday Attractions
Though Amish country typically is “shut down”
on Sundays, as far as tourist attractions,
there are some unique places near Amish
country Ohio that you might consider visiting.  
If near Dover, Ohio, you might wish to stop by:
The Warther Museum
See carvings from master carver, Ernie
"Moonie" Warther.

Historic Roscoe Village  Located south of
Ohio Amish country near Coshocton, Ohio
and open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Roscoe
Village makes a great Sunday stop offering
canal boat rides, specialty shops, pottery, a
restaurant, and a museum.  

Zoar, Ohio  Northeast of Amish country (at
Bolivar and just off of Interstate 77) is the
small town of Zoar.  This is a beautiful,
historic village that can be seen on foot - a
place where time forgot.  There may or may
not be an event happening at Zoar the day
you visit; and there may or may not be a
business or two open; but the real treasure in
visiting Zoar is found within the experience of
just being there to see such a quaint village.
Amish Country Ohio Sundays
Ohio Amish Country Fall Color
left: Sundays in the Amish
community is a day of
social gathering and rest
from work.  This video
shows the Amish families
gathering at a home for
church on Palm Sunday.  
Everyone is dressed in
their better attire for a
time of socializing and